13.-14. December 2018,  8th CogLing Days of the Belgium Netherlands Cognitive Linguistics Association (BeNeCLA), Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, plenary talk Integrating Gestures. Cognitive grammar multimodal (invited by Barbara De Cock).

14.-16. February 2018,  exhibition symposium  “Gesten – gestern, heute, übermorgen“,  Von der Handlung zur Sprechhandlung, Industriemuseum Chemnitz (invited by Ellen Fricke & Jana Bressem).

2. February 2018, Rhythm and sound in performative practices and psychotherapy, FRIAS, Freiburg, Recurrent gestures in interaction, together with Jana Bressem, (invited by Stefan Pfänder).

30 January 2018, Workshop „Rechtliche Aspekte bei digitalen Forschungsdaten“, Frankfurt (Oder), organizers: BMBF-project „FDMentor“ in cooperation with the DFG-project „eDissPlus“, Multimodale Daten im Spannungsfeld zwischen Zugänglichkeit und Zeigbarkeit – ein kulturwissenschaftliches Forschungsfeld  an der Europa- Universität Viadrina Frankfurt (Oder), together with Dorothea Horst.

12. Juni 2017, Week of Gesture and Sign, Stuttgart, Integrating gestures by replacing nouns and verbs of spoken language (invited by Cornelia Ebert).

9-11 June, 2017, International Conference on Multimodal Communication, Osnabrück, Germany Plenary method workshop Methods of Gesture Analysis – analyzing multimodality from a cognitive-inguistic perspective, together with Jana Bressem, (invited by Mark Turner).

3-4 March 2017, 6. Arbeitstagung der AG Kasuistik,  Halle-Wittenberg, Germany Multimodale Bedeutungskonstitution: Wie Geste und Rede zusammenwirken (invited by Ursula Bredel & Rolf-Torsten Kramer) .

29. July 2016, RaAM pre-conference workshop, Frankfurt/Oder, Tracing metaphoric meaning in speech and gesture (invited by Cornelia Müller & Hermann Kappelhoff).

18. July 2016, ISGS 7, Paris, Frankreich, plenary workshop NEUROGES and LASG, together with Jana Bressem, Konrad Juszczyk & Hedda Lausberg (invited by Konrad Juszczyk).

4. März 2016, Workshop „Media Archives and Corpus Analysis“, Berlin, Verbo-kinesic constructions, together with Jana Bressem & Cornelia Müller (invited by the Center of advanced film studies „Cinepoetics“, FU Berlin).

24. Oktober 2015, international workshop „The Language Gesture Connection“, Oulu, Finnland, plenary talk Gesture and Grammar (invited by Pentti Haddington), see the twitter comments:

further scientific contributions

26-28 September 2018, DGKL 8, Koblenz, Gestures as windows onto second language acquisition?, mit Jana Bressem & Uta Großmann.

11-14 September 2018, GAL 2018, Duisburg-Essen,  Kulturelle Diversität sprachlicher und körperlicher Praktiken im DaZ-Unterricht, together with Jana Bressem & Uta Großmann, symposium: “Sprachliche Integration von Geflüchteten” (organizers: Karin Birkner, Britta Hufeisen, Peter Rosenberg, & Christoph Schröder)

3-7 July 2018, ISGS 8, Cape Town, South Africa, Panel “The Diversity of Recurrency: Recurrent gestures across cultures” (organizers: Simon Harrison, Jana Bressem, Silva H. Ladewig), The embodied nature of aspect – a cross-linguistic comparison of the cyclic gesture in English, Farsi, and German, together Laura Hirrel.

10 July 2017, ICLC 14, Tartu, Estonia, Processes of schematization and decontextualization in the case of the recurrent cyclic gesture, thematic session on “Specificity and schematicity in gestures and in signed languages” (conveners Terry Janzen & Cornelia Müller).

18 July 2016, ISGS 7, Paris, France, How discourse shapes the understanding of gestures. The dynamics of multimodal meaning in interaction, together with Lena Hotze and Franziska Boll.

19 November 2015, MaMuD 3 workshop, Lille, France, How discourse shapes the understanding of gestures, together with Lena Hotze and Franziska Boll.

13 & 21 July 2015, ICLC13, Northumbria, UK, Conceptual reification and sequential scanning in gestures? – On Gestures and their relation to nouns and verbs of spoken language, thematic session on “Grammar, Speakers’ Gestures, and Conceptualization” (conveners Alan Cienki and Geert Brône).

How discourse shapes the understanding of gestures, together with Lena Hotze and Franziska Boll, thematic session on “Meaning Making in Multimodal Discourse and its relevance for Cognitive Linguistic Theory” (conveners Małgorzata Fabiszak and Cornelia Müller).

3 February 2014, DMC workshop “Speech and gesture: Embodied cultural practices”, Frankfurt Oder, Germany, Metaphors for Sensorimotor Experiences: Gestures as Embodied and Dynamic Conceptualizations of Balance in Dance Lessons (together with Cornelia Müller).

27 July 2013, ICLC12, Edmonton, Canada, Embodiment and abstraction – The experiential basis of gesture formation, together with Cornelia Müller, theme session “Embodiment and grammaticalization: Perspectives from signed languages and gesture studies” (conveners Cornelia Müller, Terry Janzen, & Barbara Shaffer).

12-15 March 2013 , DGFS, Potsdam, Germany, Ways of constructing action in multimodal communication, together with Jana Bressem, theme session “Linguistic Foundations of Narration in Spoken and Sign Languages” (conveners Annika Hübl and Markus Steinbach).

Creating multimodal utterances: The syntactic and semantic integration of gestures into speech, theme session “Interface Issues of Gestures and Verbal Semantics and Pragmatics”, (conveners: Cornelia Ebert and Hannes Rieser).

10 October 2012, CLA, Freiburg, Germany, Gestures as symbolic units.

24 July 2012, ISGS 5, Lund, Sweden, Nouns and verbs in gestures, speech, and sign, the theme session Gestures and their relation to speech and sign (conveners. Silva Ladewig, Jana Bressem, and Simon Harrison).

11 July 2012, UK-CLA, London, England, Cognitive Iconicity in Gestures.

6 July 2012, RaAM 3, Lancaster, England, How bodily experiences are conceptualized and communicated. The interactive orchestration of a multimodal metaphor in ballet training, together with with Cornelia Müller.

23-24 March 2012, Aflico Workshop on Multimodality and Corpus, Paris, Frankreich, Forming multimodal utterances: Semantic and syntactic integration of gestures into speech, together with with Jana Bressem.

13 October 2011 , DGS, Potsdam, Germany, Sprachliche Multimodalität und Kodeintegration: Wie eng sind Gesten mit Wörtern verbunden?, together with with Ellen Fricke, theme session: „Systemgrenzen und Kodeintegration“ (conveners Ellen Fricke, Franz Kasper Krönig, Roland Posner).

10 October 2012 , DGKL, Bremen, Germany, Focus of attention and the multimodal nature of utterance units – how fragmentary speech becomes substantive.

25-30 July, ISGS 4, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, “It has a certain [gesture]” – Syntactic and semantic integration of gestures into speech.

Gesture semantics: Forms, meanings and conceptualizations of spontaneous gestures, together with Cornelia Müller and Sedinha Tessendorf, theme session: “Towards a grammar of gesture: evolution, brain and linguistic structures” (conveners: Cornelia Müller, Ellen Fricke, Hedda Lausberg, Katja Liebal).

8 January, BGC, Berlin, Gesture semantics: Forms, meanings and conceptualizations of spontaneous gestures, together with Cornelia Müller and Sedinha Tessendorf.

26 September 2009, Gespin, Poznań, Poland, Specifying principles of meaning creation in gestures – gestural modes of representation, together with Cornelia Müller and Sedinha Tessendorf.

Structures of meaning and reference – Investigating gestures of the concrete and abstract, together with Cornelia Müller and Sedinha Tessendorf.

29 May 2009, Aflico 3, Paris, France, “It has a certain [gesture]” – Syntactic integration of gestures into speech.

10th October 2008, DGS, Stuttgart, Germany, Collaborative metonymy – co-constructing meaning and reference, together with Cornelia Müller, theme session: “Gesten in der Kommunikation: Prozesse der Konkretisierung” (conveners: Ellen Fricke, Irene Mittelberg, and Sedinha Teßendorf).

25th September 2008, GCLA, Leipzig, Germany, The brushing-aside and the cyclic gesture – reconstructing their underlying patterns, together with Sedinha Teßendorf, theme session: “Motivation in gesture: Image and motor schemas and their metaphorical extensions” (conveners: Irene Mittelberg and Cornelia Müller).

6th August 2008, UK-CLA, Brighton, England, Interactive metonymy – co-constructing meaning and reference, together with Sedinha Teßendorf.

28 February 2008, DGfS, Bamberg, Germany, Discovering structures in gestures on the basis of the four parameters of Sign Language, together with Jana Bressem, theme session “Gestures: A comparison of signed and spoken languages” (conveners: Ulrike Wrobel, Cornelia Müller und Jens Hessmann).

29 November 2007, SALC, Lund, Sweden, Building an ICM on the contexts of use of a recurrent gesture, theme session “Language and gesture” (conveners: Jordan Zlatev, Cornelia Müller, and Alan Cienki).

12 October 2007, MGA I, Frankfurt (Oder) Methods of Gesture Analysis: The crank gesture – systematic variation of form and context.

11 October 2007, MGA I, Frankfurt (Oder) Methods of Gesture Analysis: Gesture Phase Notation, together with Jana Bressem.

Methods of Gesture Analysis: Notation of Form features, together with Jana Bressem.

10 July 2007, IPrA, Göteburg, Sweden, The crank gesture – corpus-based reconstruction of gestural functions.

19 June 2007, ISGS, Chicago, USA, The crank gesture – systematic variation of form and context.

12 May 2007, Aflico 2, Lille, France, Metonymic relations of a recurrent polysemous gesture, theme session: “Metonymy in Gesture” (conveners: Irene Mittelberg and Cornelia Müller).

28 April 2006, Frankfurt (Oder), Germany, The crank gesture – a conventional way of marking a communicative activity.

13 Januar 2006, BGC, Berlin, Germany, Die Kurbelgeste – konventionalisierte Markierung einer kommunikativen Aktivität.

non-scientific contributions

13 October 2016, Bildungscampus Nürnberg, Was unser Körper weiß und was er kommuniziert. „Körpersprache“ im Lichte der modernen Gestikforschung (invited by Tobias Wildner).
19. September 2014, Berlin, „6. Deutscher Weiterbildungstag“, Was Gesten alles (mehr) können (invited by WBS Training AG).